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BERRAK FUAR Design Decoration and Advertising Services is a Turkish fair stand designing company which founded in 2010. Beside doing stand design, the company has also created and is still creating Showroom and Office designs. Their works in these fields has been applied both in Turkey. BERRAK FUAR still continues to take part in the designing world with its experienced and professional staff.

With a Storage and Workshop of 650 m2, the company aims to serve the customers in the best possible way.

We brought forward all the experience we gained from providing services to foreign and domestic events and participants we served within and outside Turkey.

We continue our activities with our wide and Professional staff as Berrak Fuar.

Berrak Fuar provide you with the best and help you display and promote your Corporate Identity and your products in the most attractive ways.

Your motivation in attending a fair could be promoting new products or expanding your market share, all of which need a respectable, attention-grabbing booth.

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